About Sara Elemary

Designer’s Life and Career

Born March 30, 1985, Sara Elemary is an Egyptian / Canadian fashion designer who currently resides in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Her drawings breathe new life into fashion designs turning them into a signature look.

Having the knowledge from her business marketing education and a thorough understating of the local market needs, the design flavor was decided from the very beginning of her career. She sought “Elegance, Fabric Layering and Design Perfection” with attention to every detail as a timeless winning formula. Sara Elemary puts a lot of thought into her drawings to ensure that almost every figure and posture would look good in her designs by perfectly highlighting the best body features and masking the not so perfect ones.
Sara Elemary’s Design Studio was founded in early 2009. By late 2009 her first luxury ready-to-wear collection was launched featuring flowy designs, garment pleating and drapery through a label that carried her name. The collection was met with unprecedented market appeal encouraging Sara Elemary to move forward with her innovative designs, keeping the same spirit and style while integrating new market trends with a twist that made them her own.

Sara Elemary is against the objectification of women and thus is not an advocate of creating design drawings that could in any way encourage men to objectify women. She is one of the few designers all over the world who believe that creating appealing designs should not rely on exposing skin as an integral part of women’s fashion.
Stemming from this strong belief, Sara Elemary created fabric-rich designs featuring drapery, pleating and flowy layering, a look that gave her collections a few cuts above the rest, made them stand out and become her own trademark look. Sara Elemary’s continuous trend success empowered her to go international with her fashion designs, seeking global expansion and recognition.